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Old 'restricted key' parts becoming expensive and obsolete

With the design registration for JA keys having expired 5 March 2000, and JB, JC, JD & JE on 17October 2004, and with members continuing to supply very mature product in lieuof upgrading to Association products within design registration timelines, thedecision has been made to rationalize the range of J series barrels availableto members.JA, JB, JC, JD, JE& JM barrels will only be available in 570, 530, 201 and 8221 formats.JM barrels willcontinue to be available in 001, 570HB, 8474, 670, 7115 and 8218 types. In addition, ASSAABLOY will manufacture 9555-1, 9555-2 and 9555-3 barrels only on JM profile.Key blanks willcontinue to be available in all profiles. This change will takesome time to filter through with distributors holding good quantities ofbarrels, however all barrels are made to order, so production of the specificbarrels being phased out will cease at the end of December 2013.All completecylinders, including 9555 series, are to be discontinued. As these parts are now manufactured in smaller quantities, costs will rise significantly.