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Gold Card Discount

January 5, 2020
Don't forget to use your 'Gold Card' to get a 15% discount off ALL products and services. Some exclusions may apply....
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Summer Specials

January 3, 2020
Cambridge Locksmiths has some new Summer specials you will be interested in. Please see all in   'NEWS'...
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Price Increases Coming

December 13, 2019

Price Increase by Assa Abloy in February 2020

There will be a price increase by Assa Abloy in February and unfortunately these costs will have to be passed on to the customers as new stock is purchased....
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October 24, 2019

Old 'restricted key' parts becoming expensive and obsolete

With the design registration for JA keys having expired 5 March 2000, and JB, JC, JD & JE on 17 October 2004, and with members continuing to supply very mature product in lieu of upgrading to Association products within design registration timelines, the decision has been ma...
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Cambridge Locksmith is now your local 'Gunnebo' representative.Visit www.gunnebo.com - suppliers of Chubb safes and record protection cabinets....
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Cambridge Locksmith can now supply the very latest "MSM" 6 pin in-line 'restricted profile' key system; multi broach and colour head buttons. All restricted profile keys have 15 year design patent - is yours up to date? Are your locks old and expensive to replace?Call Derek ...
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